Joseph Gose SchooL Was First Annoued On Space Con 1980 And Was Confermed Later That Show Was Devloped In 1989 As Show First Showed It Trailer In 1993 Witch Showed Stickfigers Of Joseph Cena And Mike, The Show Was Gonna Premare June 18, 1998 And Later On Hamy-JD-C Said That The Show Was Still In Devlopement And Will Be Finish In 2 Mouths And So At Space Con 1998 The Show Was Set To Premare September 12, 1998, And Later On When Jack Kid Was Devlopeing Series He Annoued To Tone Down The Show Due To Policos Issues And Later On The Devloped Of Show And Title Was Cancled But Later On In January 1999 The Show Was In New Devlopement And Show Name Was Changed To Joseph Gose School And Showed A Trailer, However During Then The Show Was Not Gonna Have Charaters In The Series, Tike, Cody, And Robert Appered On Joseph Gose School 6th Grade, Cena, Tyler, Austain, Apper Joseph Gose School 8th Grade And Mike, Briant, Damion, Eathan, Apper On Joseph Gose School: Hardcore Adventures Some Elements Of The Show Were Used On Joseph Gose School 8th Grade The Battle From Joseph And Rod Were Used In Joseph Gose School: Hardcore Adventures Cena Walking & Joseph's Fighting Style Were Used In  Joseph Gose School: Hardcore Adventures Joseph Gose School 2: The Untitle Story And Joseph Gose School 2: Adventures In Junior Grade