&nbsp Hall Of JTV American Upfront Series, That Primared May 28, 2011 It Is Hosted By James Ted

Hall Of JTV Will Return March 3, 2012 at 9;15/10:15c With Last 10 Epsiode Airing, As Of Now Hall Of JTV Is Currently On Halt Until The Producer Of The Show Has Work On It

Upfront 1(May 28, 2011)

JTV: Punch Battle

Joseph And Chris: Battle Of Hope

Joseph And Chris: Gose Canada

Mike's School

Freaknik: Back In Town: World Of Crazzy

Tike Tannner Christain 3

Joseph Gose School 9th Grade\

Leo & Satan

Upfront 2(June 4, 2011)

Problem Solverz

Regular Show


Caldea: Sister 2 Sister

Sanay: The Movie

Joseph Gose School Pre-K: Remake

Upfront 3(June 11, 2011)

Joseph Gose School: Grades

Monkey U Guns

Leo & Satan(Season 2 Pick Up And More Info On Primare Date)

Left The Hunters

Upfront 4(June 18, 2011)


Looking For Group(Returing)

The Crazy Adventures(Returning)

The Millers(Syndication Returing)

Upfronts 5(June 25, 2011)

PVP: The Series(About Show And Returing New Epsiode)

The Chad Show(About Show And Series Final Primare Date)

Best Present Ever(More Info On Show And Pirmare Date)

Dylan And Jerry SHOW(Season 4 Infomation)

Upfronts 6(July 2. 2011)

Joseph Gose School: Hardcore Adventures(Sneek Peak Of Series)

Sanay(Sneek Peak Of Season 2)

Joseph And Chris(Returning For More Epsiodes)

Bobby In The House

Mike's School(New Epsiodes Returning)

Upfronts 7(July 9, 2011)

The Jetsons

PVP The Series

Freaknik Back In Town

Its Kind Of A Funny Story