JTV Fridays Is Friday Night Block Lanched July 2 1999

Shows That Aired

Joseph Band(1999-2009)

The Nanny(1999)

Joseph And Chris(1999-2010)[Moved JTV Thardays}

Hey Allbert(1999-2001)

Hey Arnold(1999-2004)

King Of The Hill(1999-2009)

The Teen Girls(1999-2010)

The Kids(1999-2007)

Joseph Gose School(1999-2010)[Moved JTV Thardays]

Baby Blues(2000-2007)

Time Squad(2001-2007)

The Oblongs(2001-2007)

Joseph Gose Latchkey(2004-2007)

Johnny Test(2005-2007)

Joseph Skate(2009-2010)

Tike Tanner Chrstain(2009-2010)

The Jake Meadows Show(2009-2010)


Dylan And Jerry SHOW(2010)[Moved JTV Thardays]

Carly(2010)[Moved Unknow Fridays]

Freaknik Back In Town(2010)[Moved JTV Thardays]

Two World Premare

On January 1 2010 Jtv Promo Two New Shows Two New Joseph Gose School 7th Grade And Tike Tanner Chrstain A Serise Final Joseph Gose School 6th Grade New Joseph And Chris And Two World Premare Carly And Dylan And Jerry SHOW Wich Borth Premate January 1 2010