Welcome to an unoffical site where fan made and idea content is made at  :) please have look around on the wiki, besure read the rules below

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  • All content on this wiki belong to the rightful owners,
  • This site is for fun, don't take anything here confirmed
  • most wikia pages here are real shows, real video games, and fake ones
  • this site is not ment to be edit on any level doing so well revert you're edit warning, and more temps to lead banned, i understand that joking, and having fun on making wiki pages, but please do that on you're own wikia site ort somewhere else, reverting and fixing stuff isnt why this site was created, again no need take this site like WIkipedia or any orther site.
  • Do not spam, flaming on me or any pages, if you have issues with this wikia then please let me know on my profile
  • All Charaters are made up and are not rea on this wikia page.

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