Job Sucks
Approx. run time 45 Mins
Distributed by

Flowgo Oringal

Written by Julie McNally Cahill Timothy Cahill
Directed by Lusie Ricky
Produced by

James Steven

Co Solo

Music by David Man
Country United States
Language English [1]
Release date December 21 2010

Job Sucks Is Cartoon Movie It About 25 year old Name Bob Who Got Tider Of Woring in Office so He Dised Quit But Now He Looking For Better Job And He Has Help Of Frands To Find a Job

Form Caraters Of My Gym Parther Is Monkey (Julie McNally Cahill And Timothy Cahill) Are Makeing Job Sucks And It Set Premare December 21 2010

Job Sucks 2: & Job Sucks: The Series

On September 20, 2012 A Sequl Has Been Annoued Along With A Series JTV Annoued On Gotube We Have Plans With Upcoming Film Sequl And A Series Expect Some Sucky Jobs In 2013..