Joseph And Chris: Gose Canada Is American Anime Movie Primare And Oringal Series Final Of Joseph And Chris The Movie Primared Augest 6, 2011(US) April 14, 2010(JP) September 17, 2010(Yeman) Augest 4, 2010(AUS) March 11, 2009(PAL) It Was Also Annoued On Hall Of JTV 

Joseph And Chris: Gose Canada
Directed by James Tyler
Produced by Dylan Josh

Cena Jain

Written by Joseph Nuturl
Music Let Y Canada - Joseph Nuturl(Intro/Credets)
Starring James Odom

Terry K. King

Renny Jonny

Jane Dice

Wellie Summerlin(Guest Voice)

Cena Jain(Guest Voice)

Distributed by LR STUDIOS
Release date August 6, 2011(US)

March 11, 2009(PAL)

April 14, 2010(JP)

Augest 4, 2010(AUS)

September 17, 2010(YE)

Budget 1,439,592$(US)


Running time 202 Mins(USA Censor Version)

332 Mins(JP Non Censor Version)


Joseph Had Dream that he had family member stilkl arounf no one know what joseph was talking about so they went canada an evil man name tommy Ed was runed canada joseph and chris must save canada before its too late in end joseph and chris must choose go back marbel falss to see there frainds or move in canada they expling and choose canada at end joseph said "Maybe things well get better Soon"'


Joseph Well be 15 And Chris Well 20 In the Movie

There a possable that Dylan,Jerry,Kyle,Cory Well Appear iin Movie