Joseph Band(バンドをロック!ジョセフ・バンド Rock the Band! Joseph Band) was an American Anime Series Premared November 3, 1993 and Ended November 25, 2009 Joseph Band fallowes James Odom and His Band Crew Grevin Mill and Dan Odom,


unlike Chris The Kid or Joseph Cartoons Joseph Band tooked More Advenage Ratings towards its fallowed up Prime series Joseph And Chris Series and Joseph Gose School Series,

Joseph Band became a Rating hit in 1994, becoming Doe first Prime series, it won total of 22 rewards, had 8 Comics, 5 Toy Lines, and 12 Videos Games,

As of 2006 Joseph Band losted Best Writing in an Animated Television Production to Spongbob in 2009 Joseph Band was Canclled Creator James Odom Said "we want keep it alive as Possible but we didnt had the Budget to" the series was then recreated With Joseph Band 2 and Joseph Band 3: Back to The Past, Thanks to Doe Studios of recreating and Useing Budget to have Sequls


Joseph Band begin in devlopement in 1982 as James Odom's New Project, The Series took over by formor teams of Joseph Rap, and Boxy Show! Joseph Band was confirmed in 1992 by Micky Jones, the series later aired in 1993

Joseph Band
Created by Con Steven
Developed by Luise Ricky

Jims Roys

Starring James Odom

Grevin Miller

Tike Mitch

Tony Mitch

Opening theme Joseph Band By Joseph Band
Ending theme Time To Go! By Joseph Band
No. of episodes 357
Sam Mark

Jim Williams

Con Steven

Producer(s) Carl Edwards
Original channel LR Studios
Original run November 3, 1993 – November 25, 2009
Followed by Joseph Band 2
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7 Feet Air


DVD NAME Relese Date #
Joseph Band: The Complete Series April 30, 2013[1] 357
Joseph Band: The Complete Remasterd Series June 24, 2018 357