Joseph Band 2(バンドのロック、ワンス・モア!ジョセフ・バンド2 Rock The Band, Once More! Joseph Band 2 ) is Amercan Television series crated by Tim Shel(One Of Fan Of Origal Series Joseph Band) He Also Crated 7 Feet Air Witch JTV Canceled later this show takes place in new york were James has find job and how his life changes (this takes place before oringal series of Joseph Band) the Series premared on December 25, 2010 and ended on January 3, 2015

History Production

Joseph Band 2 Was Frist Annoued On April 17 2008 And Was Suppost Primare November 2008 But Was RTesculed air around end of 2010 the show promared December 25 2010. JTV Call JB2 The Best Series Aired The Show Has Been Renew For 2nd Season. Tommy Edi (one Of The Crew Of LR Studios) That Joseph Band 2 May Not Be Renew For Next Year And Needed Room For Upcoming Series The JetsonsSome Of Producers Of Joseph Band 2 Said Yes Some Said No For A Renew And Later Luise Ricky Commeted Will Have Wait See For Are Next Upfront...

it Has Been Annoued That Will Return For New Epsiodes In Fall 2012 Giveing The Jetsons Or Johnny Test To Be Off JTV Saturday Block For Now.

Due To Best Present Ever Low Rateings And Being Moved Sundays Starting January 8, 2012 The Jetsons Will Be Takeing Its Spot

As Of January 7, 2012 Joseph Band 2 Moved 8:30/9:30c New Epsiodes Will Air On June 2, 2012

As Of September 18, 2012 Joseph Band 2 Was Commend To Return In 2018-2019 Season


On June 3, 2011 It Was Rumor That Show Maybe Getting Cancled Then On April 21, 2012 Creator Tim Shel Put Out Im Just Done With The Show...  So On December 8, 2012 Co-Presdent Of LR Studios Jack Kid Cancled Series And Samply Puted As As We Expected To End The Series, I Think It's Time To End But LR Studios Will Find Anorther Way To Get A Proper End Of The Show 


On April 19, 2013 It Was Confermed That Joseph Band 3 Is In Works

Not Much Details But James Odom Confermed That He Is Return To Voice Himself

More Detils Was Also Share At TV Con Summer 2013