Joseph Gose School 7th Grade
Format Animation,
Created by

James Tyler

Written by

Tom Eddy

Kang Luck

James Tyler

Tim Sammy

Directed by

John Ed

Mark Kang

Voices of

James Odom

Greven Miller

Jenny Supay

Mark Smith

Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 191
Executive producer(s)

James Tyler

Lusies Ricky

Producer(s) John Kang
Running time 30 Mins
Production company(s)

LR Studios/Cartoon Network Studios(2009-2010)

Original channel



Cartoon Network(2009-2010, 2011-Present)

Original run

Augest 24 2009 - Augest 22 2010

Status Ended

Joseph Gose School 7th Grade Was Amrecan Anime Series And Is 9th Season Of Joseph Gose School Series

The Show Was One Of Unscuess And Most Hated Shows just like Joseph Gose School 6th Grade And Joseph Gose School 5th Grade

In USA I Airs On Cartoon Network 11:00AM And 11:30AM On JRC It Airs 10:00PM And 10:30PM In Canada It Airs On LRChannel 4:30PM And 7:00AM On Teletoon 12;00PM And 12:30PM In Japan It Airs On JTV Japan 5:30PM And 6:00PM


Due To Being Hated And Loe Rated Series It Had Be Cancled And Morings It Got 0.8 And 0.9 On Friday Nights It Got 1.2 And 1.3 In Reruns it got 1.0 And 1.2 Joseph Gose School 5th Grade And Joseph Gose School 6th Grade Had Loe Rateings, But Not As Loe As Joseph Gose School 7th Grade Tim Sammy Wirter of Joseph Gose School Sence 2007 Was Fired Due Bad Wirteing And Who Almost Caused Joseph Gose School Series Be Over He Was Replaced By Henry Jane Who Wirted Hey Allbert Tike Tanner Christain And Sanay