Oh Grate Cartoons! Was 1st JTV Origal si that aired Form July 1 1909 To October 2 1930 The Show Aired On JTV As Remake Form October 2 1930 To June 1 1999. Only Joseph Cartoons And Chris The Kid Were In Pilot Of This Show


LR Blog Gave This Show A 7.4/10 With Reviews Calling It No So Much Garte

IFF Gave The Show A 60/100 Calling It A Boring 30s Show

Cancled/Disspointed To Joseph O. Dewayne=

On April 19, 1999 After Joseph O. Dewayne Came Become A Extive Producer Of Oh Grate Cartoons He Was Told That Series Was Cancled June 1, 1999, LR Studios Said That Show Low Ratings Brought Down Joseph O. Dewayne Has Been Saying Years That He Wanted Work A Reboot But Left A Disspointed Note And Said  "Gave Up"

Oh Grate Cartoons
Created by Johnny Dan. Timmy
Developed by Jack Kid

Danny Jon

No. of episodes 26
Jack Kid
Producer(s) Du-Sumu
Original channel Doe
Original run October 2, 1930 – July 1, 1931
Followed by The World Of LR Shorts
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