The Lerry And Steve Show Is Amecan Animed Series That Premared May 15 1997 And End January 31 1999


The Lerry And Steve Show Begin in 1995 as Untitle Seth MacFarlane Series it was Later Reveled as The Lerry And Steve Show, it Premared May 15, 1997, only 52 Episodes Aired as 102 Episodes were Planned

After January 31, 1999 the Show was on Hiatus, Later 2000 LR Studios Confermed That Series was Cancled, rest of episodes that didnt air never came the light of Day


JTV Pick Up 3rd Season For Show As they Recently Canacled Joseph And Chris in 1999 JTV Re-Pick Up Joseph And Chris After Seth Started Working On Family Guy He Said That he nolonger Wants Run The Lerry And Steve Show So in 2000 The Show Got Canaceld and later was Removed On Schuled It Is Crunntley Airing On JRC As Of 2010


on August 17, 2014 Doe Studios Has Annoued A 13 Episode DVD Relese for The Lerry And Steve Show, "Season 1 Part 1" on August 22, 2014 it was Annoued Season 1 Part 2 is Coming December 20, 2014

DVD # of Episodes Relese Date
The Lerry And Steve Show Season 1 26 September 29, 2014(Part 1)
December 20, 2014(Part 2)


On August 22, 2014 it Was Annoued That The Lerry And Steve Show: The Complete Series will Come GS3 and GS4 in 2015

The Lerry And Steve Show
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First Logo used 1997 to 1998 Second Logo used 1999

Created by Seth MacFarlane
Developed by LR Studios(1997-1999)

Doe Studios(2014-Present) (HD Reasons)

Written by Kane Wudaka
Directed by Danny Tank

Lee Vicky

Starring Seth MacFarlane

Chang S. Han

Leda Rena

Frank Jones

Robin Williams

No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52
Main Extive Producer

Seth MacFarlane

LR Studios

Luise Ricky

Hank Roll

Producer(s) Ben Danny
Dan Lerry
Ben Condell
Running time 30 Mins(With Commericals, 1997-2001)

25 Mins(Without Commericals, 2010-Present)

Original run May 15, 1997 – January 31, 1999
Status Ended
Followed by Family Guy
Related shows Family Guy