Tike Tanner Christain
2016 Logo
Vital statistics
Genres Action / Comady
Creators Tom Johnson
Developers Joseph Gose School Company (2009-2015)

Fuma Inc (2015-)

Publishers The Joseph Odom Co.
First Release 2009-present

Tike Tanner Christain(スーパージャム!タイクタナーキリスト教 SuperJam! Tike Tanner Christain Is Canadian Televesion Series Premared Aprl 22 2009 In Canada And Augest 25 2009 In USa

On October 21, 2014 Doe Studios Annoued That Tike Tanner Christain Has Been Marked As A 4th Longest Running Doe Television Series[1]



Show Name(JP) Show Name(NA) Premared Ended DVD RELESE
49 SuperJam! Tike Tanner Christian Tike Tanner Christain Augest 25, 2009 April 16, 2010 Augest 25, 2013


13 SuperJam2! Tike Tanner Christian Tike Tanner Christain 2 Febuary 7, 2011 November 7, 2011
13 SuperJam3! Tike Tanner Christian Tike Tanner Christain 3 March 26, 2012 January 15, 2013
26 SuperJam3!: Missing Episodes, Tike Tanner Christian Tike Tanner Christain 3: The Missing Episodes


November 25, 2013[4] June 28, 2014 TBA
52[5] SuperJam4!: The Magic Story, Tike Tanner Christian Tike Tanner Christain 4: The Magic Story August 30, 2014[6] September 18, 2015 TBA
53 SuperJam5!: Funny Wars, Tike Tanner Christain Tike Tanner Christain 5: Brothers In Time November 1, 2015 March 22, 2016 TBA
28 Superjam 6!, Star Horn's, Tike Tanner Christain  Tike Tanner Christain 6: Star Horn's  September 22, 2016 March 30, 2017 TBA
TBA SuperJam 7 (Working Title) Tike Tanner Christain 7 (Working Title) TBA TBA TBA 

TV Film

Movie Title Premared
Untitled TV Film of Tike Tanner Christain(Working Title) TBA

Video Games

Title(NA) Title(JP) Relese Date(s) Console
Untitled Video Game of Tike Tanner Christain Cancled GS2, Wii
Tike Tanner Christain: Spider Stalker


SuperJam!: Spider Walker, Tike Tanner Christian

June 11, 2014(JP) 

August 23, 2014(USA)                           August 24, 2014(PAL)

Tike Tanner Christain: Skate Path SuperJam!: Your Skate, Tike Tanner Christian August 28, 2015(WW) GS3/GS4
Tike Tanner Christain: Star Horns Legends

SuperJam!  The Legends of Star Horns, Tike Tanner Chrisrain

August 31, 2016 (JP) 

September 2016(NA)

September 2016(PAL)



Tike Tanner Christain Begain In Devlopement For Next Joseph Gose School Spinoff, Tike Tanner Chistain Art Style Was Reveled On September 2008, Simlur To Art Style Of Joseph Gose School 6th Grade And Joseph And Chris Tike Tanner Christain Was Releved On JTV Con 2009 Tike Tanner Christaim Begain It Final Devlopedment Somes Minor Changes To Aniimetion Changed During Secoud Season Of Show While Devlopement Of Carly Begain In August 2009 Tike Tanner Christain Work On More To Impeal During Season 3 Tike Tanner Christain Ratings Were Bottom Low And The Team Contiued Carly While Tike Tanner Christain Season And Season 4 Didnt Clame To be Big hamy JD C Sid That A Sequl Was Not Dammed Enough But On July 2010 LR Studios Confermed Yert Anorther Sequl For Series Viewers Watched The Show And Still Didnt Go Up A s Result To This The Season Was Cancled Doe Studios Brought It Oringal Final Sequl Annnd Premerd On March 2012 Fans Hyped When The Show Mad Better Stand Up then Frist Tow Did But Due To A Cecord Episode Lending It Be Remove Tike Tanner Christain Creator Cancled Series But Project Resume With A Missing Episode Series And Two Upcomig Sequls For The Series